PARIS (France) – Following the announcement of its strategic plan 2016-2018 Via.Next, Viadeo offers new recruitment solutions, tailored to the specific needs of all French companies. Viadeo unveils a very competitive offering that strengthens its key player status in the employment area in France.

“ Our first mission is to connect talent with all opportunities. We designed customized solutions adapted to each company’s needs to help them recruit future talent. We want to make our solutions accessible to all companies, regardless of size”, says Katia Pharo, Chief Sales Officer at Viadeo.

With over 11 million members and its 12 years of expertise for the French recruiters, the professional social network has a new range of solutions tailored to the needs of B2B customers at very competitive rates, including:
– Unlimited job ads pack for 833 € per month giving the opportunity for a Group to publish and manage all of its ads on Viadeo for a year;
– A dedicated SME pack to enjoy the Viadeo recruiters’ solution (job ads, access to Profilthèque and management of Company Page) for 825 € per month;
– A SOHO solution for € 49.95 per month to post jobs and manage company page and thus develop employer brand and attract talent.

An offer already popular among recruiters who recognize Viadeo as the most qualitative solution to effectively recruit, just like SoLocal Group, the European leader in local digital communication, which was the first company to purchase the unlimited job ads pack.
“ We are delighted to have chosen Viadeo to assist us in our recruitment strategy. As a European leader in local digital communication, we need to identify the rare talent. The subscription for this unlimited Pack supports our new strategic plan and our growth objectives for 2018″, says Anne Chaintron, Employer Brand Manager and HR Communication SoLocal Group.

Alongside this new offer, as part of its strategic plan to support and stimulate employment, transparency and mobility in the French market, Viadeo supports market players who need it most:
– Free posting of Internship opportunities for all types of businesses, to help young people to access employment.
– NGOs and startups under 2 years old will benefit from free distribution of their job openings and they will be able to manage their business page free of charge.
To access, simply connect to Viadeo Recruiter, or write to

And as always, Viadeo proposes a full range of CPM or cost per contact solutions giving companies the opportunity to increase their visibility by combining the power of the Viadeo data with opportunities for very acurate targeting , and this on the Viadeo site just as on other sites.

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