PARIS (France) – As part of its 2016-2018 strategic plan, Viadeo announced today a new tool that gives you the ability to create a video directly on your profile page.

More than a mere video showing your resume, the profile video gives Viadeo members a space to express themselves and highlight their professional and personal journey.
Because passion and human qualities are better expressed in a video, and because recruiters are always looking for new ressources to better identify talents, Viadeo saw in this video functionality a great opportunity to affirm its commitment towards employment in France.

“We took the time to test this tool on a small focus group in order to confirm the interest of our members. The results of this test was very positive. Not only, it confirmed the appeal of the video, but it also allowed us to better develop our interface in order to meet the different needs of our users. ” Says Vincent Lecouvez, product manager at Viadeo


A real resource of differentiation and emergence for everybody: job seekers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and recruiters…

By including in the profiles the opportunity to create or import a video, the site now offers to its members a wider field of communication. The social network gives members the latitude to show qualities that cannot be described, but that can be appreciated. Spontaneity, charisma, strength of conviction, communication, or the spirit of synthesis are, for example, aspects of their personality that members want to communicate, and that only a video can relay. This focus on soft skills was announced last may in the new Viadeo “employment” strategy.

Employers will see it both as an ideal tool to speed up the recruitment process and a way to open their selection to unusual and promising profiles, which might not have been identified through a process of traditional recruitment. Time savings and improved ROI.


An easy-to-use tool fully integrated in members’ profile

Viadeo wanted to give its members greater flexibility by providing users with a tool to create videos. Therefore, giving each member the flexibility to upload an existing video from Youtube or Dailymotion and also the opportunity to speak on an issue in 2 minutes directly via their webcam. In the latter case, they can then select a question, or write their own.

If necessary, a tutorial page with technical help and examples is available to assist the user:

Viadeo has already announced that it will continue to improve this tool to give more visibility to members who have created their video. Emphasis will also be placed on broadcast settings, for those who wish to share their video to recruitment professionals only.

 “We know that the more a profile is complete, the more likely it is to be spotted by recruiters. Like the pictures on profiles, videos add an even greater element in showing skills available nowhere else. This is a step that Viadeo wanted to do, in both the employability of its members, and its relevance to recruiters, “said Alexandre Roucher, Chief Product Officer at Viadeo.