Viadeo continues to develop its ViaNext strategy on the French market. This strategy, presented in May, is based on four key themes:

  • Refocusing on the French market,
  • Encouraging mobility and employment,
  • Assisting recruiters in the digital transformation of their business,
  • Secure our referent position in the French Tech RH.

imageBased on these initial results, Viadeo announced today the upcoming launch of its mobile app dedicated to job searching, an innovative and unique app to support French worker’s mobility and well being.

Launched in test phase in December before a public launch in early 2017, it will allow users to start a genuine dialogue on their job search. In addition to numerous job offers, this app will be equiped with a virtual assistant who, in the form of a chatbot, will give users key information to find their next job: it will push the most relevant offers and companies, provide advice on recruitment, and inform the user about the next action to take.

This assistant will also highlight Viadeo’s strength: employees’ reviews and ratings of their companies, and especially how the user’s professional network can bring him new opportunities.


“We are already seeing the positive effects of the new strategy for the brand, says Claire Fouquerand, Chief Marketing Officer at Viadeo. For our customers, our new recruitment services have received a warm welcome, as shown by the results announced for Q3. For our members, we see good growth on the notoriety since May (+ 2% spontaneous awareness, + 4% in assisted – source CSA wave October 2016 / comparison with wave in April 2016), but mainly on proximity and accessibility services (15 points on the notion of accessibility for job seekers – wave source CSA October 2016 / comparison with wave April 2016).”

“This is a new way of giving information: straightforward, adapted to the candidate’s level of progress in its recruitment process, helping him make his job search more efficient.” Said Alexander Takacs, product director at Viadeo.