At the heart of Viadeo’s formation was the desire of its two founders – Dan Serfaty and Thierry Lunati – to bring key players in the entrepreneurial world closer together. Having initially created their entrepreneurs’ club, Agregator, the pair then decided to develop a platform that would allow Agregator Club members to communicate more easily, harnessing the enormous potential of the internet. From there they launched Viaduc, a service that made the platform available to professionals of all sectors and status.

Following initial fundraising, Viaduc began to develop on an international scale and was eventually renamed Viadeo. With growth continuing at pace, the network cemented its burgeoning international status.

Ten years since its creation, Viadeo is now a major figure in the world of professional social networking and has members across the globe. Employing a multi-local approach, the network adapts its services to the particular needs of the region in which it is being used – be it France, Russia, or North Africa. So far, this strategic decision has enabled Viadeo to become the leading PSN in France.

Today, Viadeo is there to support 40 million professionals worldwide.



Dec 2015 Viadeo closed it China office and has now 40 million members
Mai 2015 10 million members in France
Dec 2014 65 million members around the world and 25 million in China
Sep 2014 9 million members in France
Jul 2014 Viadeo carries out its IPO on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris
May 2014 Around 9 million members in France and 60 million around the world
May 2014 Registration of the source document by the AMF with the aim of IPO on the Euronext market
Dec 2013 8  million members in France
Oct 2013 Signature of 2 strategic partnerships: Orange and Pôle emploi
Jul 2013 Signature of a key partnership with the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Apr 2013 Acquisition of Zaizher
Mar 2013 Acquisition of Pealk
Dec 2012 48 million members around the world
Apr 2012 Fourth funding round raises €24 million
Dec 2011 Acquisition of Soocial
Oct 2011 Creation of a joint venture in Russia with Sanoma, independent media group
Aug 2011 New office opens in Morocco
Dec 2010 27 million members around the world
Aug 2010 New office opens in San Francisco
Dec 2009 Acquisition of UNYK
Jul 2009 Acquisition of Apna Circle
May 2009 Third funding round raises €3,4 million
Feb 2009 New office opens in Mexico City
Jul 2008 Acquisition of ICTnet
Feb 2008 Tianji, the leading professional social network in China, joins the Viadeo Group
Aug 2007 Second funding round raises €5 million
Aug 2007 Viaduc changes name to Viadeo
Jan 2007 1 million members and plateform available in six languages
Jun 2006 First funding round raises €5 million
Dec 2005 Creation of Viaduc Sarl
Jun 2004 Dan Serfaty and Thierry Lunati launch Viaduc