With 40 million members worldwide, Viadeo is one of the leading figures in professional social networking.

The number one professional social network in France, the company was built around the desire to allow professionals to develop their network. As such, a Viadeo profile enables members to:

Enhance their career prospects (by increasing their visibility among other members or recruiters.

Uncover new business opportunities (by finding companies and gathering information on their key decision-makers).

Stay connected with contacts to keep track of different areas of work and to develop and maintain an up-to-date, online address book.

Having adopted a multi-local approach to business – paying particular attention to the specific cultural features of each market sector – the Viadeo Group has focused its development on France, Russia, and North Africa.

Today, the Viadeo Group has 200 employees spread across four cities: Casablanca, Moscow, Paris, and San Francisco.