logo-orangeViadeo and Orange came together to offer 2 month Premium subscriptions to all Orange fixed and mobile (both private and professional customers are eligible), Sosh, and Cloud Pro customers. Together, they also set up workshops focused on providing practical advice to help customers energize their careers and better manage business opportunities on professional social networks.

APECFirst partnered in 2009, Apec and Viadeo offer executives and young people supported by Apec 3 months access to Viadeo Premium to make use of the best features in order to speed up the mobility process. Viadeo is also present at exhibitions organized by the association.

Viadeo and CCI France (the national public body that federates the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry) united in an attempt to support the development of VSEs and SMEs across the country by providing them with digital resources vital to their growth. The CCI advisors’ aim is to show VSEs and SMEs how powerful effective use of Viadeo can be.

UAEThe UAE (France’s union for the self-employed) and Viadeo signed a partnership agreement in order to help self-employed people develop their professional social network and increase their visibility. With this goal in mind, the 150,000 self-employed members of the UAE were offered 3 + 3 months Premium membership on Viadeo to allow them to create, develop, and invigorate their professional network online. Furthermore, these subscriptions also included a tutorial to guide them in the use of the platform.