Viadeo & Partners

Viadeo works with both local and global partners with the ultimate aim of providing our members with more value.

We work with companies and organisations, such as professional associations, software providers, education establishments and recruiters across industries including media, finance, transport, hospitality and technology.

Viadeo offers partners the opportunity to work with a global platform of over 55 million professional members that is strong in emerging markets, yet also has a solid local presence.

Working with Viadeo

Viadeo works with partners in different ways. Here are some examples:

Data & API Integration

We partner with organisations who either wish to integrate Viadeo data into their product or who have an idea about how to integrate their data into the Viadeo platform through our APIs. For more information on API partnerships, please see Working with Viadeo API.

Content Partnership

We work with our media partners to promote their content on the Viadeo platform and to enhance content on their own sites. We promote our partners’ content on our dedicated News section or by integrating it into our SmartNews feature, which recommends articles to our members based on their interests.

Cross-Marketing/Visibility Communication

We work with partners on both exchanges of display advertising and newsletter promotion across our platforms both online and offline. Our advertising can be targeted at specific member profiles.

Revenue-share Partnership

Revenue-share partnerships can work in two different ways – affiliation and distribution of product and services either by the partner or by Viadeo or by co-creation and distribution of a common service.

Technology Partnership

We offer partners the opportunity to integrate our technology into their product or to integrate their product or services into the Viadeo platform.

Event Partnership

Event partners work with Viadeo in a variety of ways from utilising our event promotion platform to co-hosting events. Key members of the Viadeo team are also actively involved in speaking at industry events in their local areas. Viadeo has been proud to work with event partners including LeWeb, Wired and TechCrunch.

Project Partnership

We lead communications initiatives across our key territories. Whether the project is a social media competition for students in France, a round table discussion on China in the UK or an international challenge for developers, our partners receive the benefits of brand association and global promotion.

Custom Partnership

We’re also open to any interesting partnership projects other than those listed – get in touch to start a discussion.

For more information about how we are already working with partners please see Our Partners.