Viadeo is an active member of several major associations in the digital ecosystem, providing expertise, know-how, and knowledge to specific targets.

Renaissance Numériquerenaissance_numerique

Renaissance Numérique is a forum for exchange and reflection upon economic, political, and social changes within our society in this digital age. The group brings together key economic players, colleges, and experts with the aim of getting to grips with the challenges we face in the contemporary world and aiding the French and European economic recovery.

France Digitale

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France Digitale brings together key players in digital entrepreneurship, start-ups with strong growth plans, and investors in the digital world in order to promote France as a potential breeding ground for future champions of the digital arena on an international scale.

Transition Numérique +


With an exclusive deal in place with the DGE (the French Directorate General for Enterprise) concretizing their affiliation with the government’s “Digital Transition” program, Transition Numérique Plus was founded upon the observation that small French companies are still in the process of adopting digital tools.
The group aims to support VSEs and SMEs in acquiring these tools and places particular emphasis on helping them increase their visibility. With a network of “digital advisors” across France at their disposal, Transition Numérique Plus provides invaluable advice to SMEs entering the digital arena.
For Axelle Lemaire, French Minister for Digital Affairs, digital issues pose “a major challenge for employment in France” and, in 2015, this will represent our key area of focus.